Enni Mälkönen grew up with completely different horsepower. She was supposed to become a show jumper, but her sports career consists of rally at the moment. Enni´s father sparked the interest in rally for her. 

Mälkönen became Sami Pajari´s co-driver through chance. The pair drove together for the first time in the 2021 World Rally Championship in Rovaniemi. Pajari was on his way to the race and his co-driver at that moment could not come. Mälkönen was alerted to join at short notice. 

The pair´s co-operation became closer after the first race and in 2022, Mälkönen was the co-driver for all of Pajari´s WRC competitions. When Mälkönen won the 2022 World Rally Championship for co-drivers in the WRC3 group, she got the WRC title for being the first ever woman to achieve such a thing. 

When Mälkönen is not working hard in her day job or reading sheet music, she is most likely found in a horse stable with a stable fork.